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January 2007

Prophetic words from Presbytery in January 2007

- Now is the time to raise up mighty men and women of war.

- A new crop of leadership needs to be raised up, enlarge the leadership base and leadership to flow in a larger dimension of grace, purpose is to keep the water level up and handle the harvest no matter who is around from the leadership.

- Raise up those for the mission fields, church planters, five fold ministry, local church helps, local eldership.

- Joined to more players for the winning of the game.

- Stronger anointing in the services for transformation so that the training doesn’t dry out and much is accomplished quickly.

- Anointing on the church to plant and part of God’s plan for preparing the planters.

- God’s hand on the youth and young adults – people in their 20’s coming into ministry quicker than usual.

- Intensified drawing, anointing and grace to get the job done.

- Leadership team enlarged so senior Pastor can be free do all that God has put on his heart to do.

- This church is to be a base to the nations, to this region and beyond into this land.

- Greater measure of wisdom to come upon those in authority to make this place known as a place where the word of God abides.

- A time of expansion is at hand to be able to handle the harvest and so that none of the intended harvest is lost.

- An anointing over the whole state of Ohio to bring about a connecting of the Body of Christ in the city, state, region.

- Release of finances so can go beyond just getting by to abundance to do the work needed. Spirit of poverty broken that has warred against this ministry, mindsets of people changed – people in the Body and outside the Body will begin to prosper and give to support the ministry, Christian entrepreneurs brought in to finance the outreaches and work of the ministry and ministry to the poor and bring abundance.

- Strengthen and enlarge the team of intercessors, more anointing to deal with spirit that have hindered, enlargement of vision, enlargement of focus and enlargement of anointing. Spirits of darkness will be broken and they will not be successful in retaliation.

- This is the hour for all things to begin to change and God’s abundance to unfold.

- New season for Pastor Tammy coming where she will have ministry in the pulpit for the Body and for the multitudes. Fresh revelation is coming so that she can write the curriculum for group studies.

- Pastor Dwight - New areas of being used by the Lord to unfold, more destiny ahead, transitioning from the father of the house to a father of many – apostolic calling – will see in the days ahead where need to strengthen around you and encourage those around you to step forward.

- Congregation is being challenged to see and say “God is able” to work and use me. Be encouraged to embrace the spirit of evangelism and to go back to those that have talked to in the past for now is the time for them to come in. Time for congregation to make “fishers of men” regardless of our age, position or infirmities, embrace the compassion for the lost in your own spheres of relationships.

- God has already spoken to the people who are to be sitting in the empty seats.

- No longer a congregation that sends the few to the nations to a congregation that is in the nations.

- A new level of prayer needed by the congregation for the pastor as he moves out into an apostolic role in the nations.

- Work for those called to intercession just beginning as the church goes into this new transition for all that God has called the this church to.

- God says He has not forgotten this church, but now is the time for the Body here to be moved forward. So get ready. 2007 is a pivotal year for the moving into all that God has. We need to be aware that the hand of God is upon us and we are a church poised at a pivotal spot and this church will stand up with a new identity in God.

- Hear the word of the Lord for yourself, join yourself in fellowship, partner together, come together for mutual benefit, a spirit of koinonia to be a beacon of light for others to come to.



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