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January 19-21, 2018

Prophetic words from the prophetic gathering in January 19-21, 2018

God says, “I’m giving the leaders of this house permission to rearrange the furniture in this weekend in this church.” God is giving authorization to the leaders because it flows from the head down. God is calling the leaders of this house to rearrange the furniture, because there’s new place settings and vision that is coming. There’s going to be a shift of people, even rolls and titles are going to shift. There’s going to be a redistribution of the workload. God said “I am calling fresh faces and fresh places into action.” There’s going to be people who have been on the sideline watching and that season is now over.

God is going to cause an increase of mobilization in this particular house because there’s going to be a thrusting out. It’s not just an inward building, but there’s going to be a preparation for an outward launching. God is going to send men both young and old who have been in ministry already. Their broken and hurt, they gone through tough experiences and they’re going to find refuge here. Temporary places of refuge, where you can rebuild, reconstruct and then re-launch them. There’s actually going to be a church plant that comes out of here. Someone’s going to come in and you may wonder why are they even here. You may think they are overqualified or that you don’t have a position for them. But you will realize this is one of those people you are called to restore and send them back out healthy. It won’t be a traditional church plant. They will will call this house home base. They will look and say, “ This is where we got healed, restored and set free.” This has to do with this region and it is not a long ways away. It will be somewhere in Columbus Ohio on the other side of the city. Your leaders will help as overseers who will nurture it to a place of great health as a father and mother. Don’t be jealous because it will be bigger than this place.

There will be young apostles coming. Very young apostles. Your pastor will recognize the call on their life as an apostle and call it out.

This house will grow visibly. But in order for it to grow your mindsets are going to have to grow and expand. Systems are going to have to change here. God is going to raise up some young system thinking. God put them here to challenge you, Pastor. Don’t get irritated when they question the way things are. God is sending young horses who want to run. You are going to say, “I release you, go ahead and run. Change the system. We have done it this way for the past 25 years, but let’s take a look at it.”

Reformation is coming to this house because God says, “I am going to expand this house.” The day will come when there will be a bigger family here. You will have two services, maybe more. There is going to be expansion that flows from here. Your leaders will lean on God for the future and he will supply.

There will be an opening for this house in Asia. There’s such a global thrusting out of this place. A apostolic release over this house and it’s trickling down.

God’s raising up runners for the vision. God’s just gonna open the roof up on this house and say “See what I see! Hear what I hear! Grab the vision!

Miracles, signs and wonders will come through declarations.

God’s going to draw young people here that are totally clueless, hopeless and they’re actually even fatherless. They are not just kids, I see twenty something’s and thirty something’s coming here and being enabled to walk in their destinies.

There will be a renovation and building project in this house. There will be men even outside this church who will write big checks.

There’s a lot of fishing that’s coming out of this house soon. God says “It’s going to be open fishing season after this weekend.” There will be big kingdom couples that will come here.

God’s going to raise the level of influence in this church in this city.

God has a special project for the poor that this house is going to reach into and the engine that drives it will be prayer. Out of prayer will come clarity. There be no confusion. No congestion. There will be a very clear way of how to proceed and God is going to open up all kinds of recourses. Tremendous resources and very little of it will be money. Truckloads of recourses, excess food and supplies. It’s going to cause the Gospel to go forth and turn many hearts to the Gospel.

God is going to give this church a social initiative for this local community. There’s going to be prophetic clarity, unique wisdom, revelation, and understanding of what to do. This social initiative will be like a laser that will impact different communities. Through this initiative there will great testimony.

God’s going to increase young couples in this house and they will grow here.

God is bringing lost people to this house. They have been assigned to this church to be saved before the foundation of the world. God is calling this church to get prepare like you have never prepared before. If you don;t prepare God can’t send them. God is not waiting for them, He’s waiting for you. For you to get ready to receive the lost and to steward them well. It’s going to be a team effort. God wants to build the team preparation of this house. God is going to send young leaders this way, in fat, a LOT oft them.

Media is going to grow here. God is going to send you a whole media team. Some will be raised right here, while others will come in. They are going to have all the bells and whistles and all the tools. They are going to challenge the way you do things. Let the young men bear the yoke. This whole media thing is BIG. It’s big for this house. God says, “There are many people that drive by this building and even know it’s a church.” They drive by and don’t even know you’re here. But God is going to shine His light here. God says, “I’m going to raise the face of this house, and I’m going cause people to drive by and wonder what is going on here.”

There’s even going to be a greater sense of marketing and advertising. You have the best product on the planet (The Gospel of Jesus) but you need to let it be known. It’s shouting time. Its time to shout from the rooftops. It’s a time for proclamation, not just from the pulpit but in the streets.

Small group ministry is going to shift. Groups are going to grow and members of the group will become leaders of their own. Mentor, apprentice, and release. Small group ministry will help explode this church. Groups who shepherd, lead and love.

Dynamic leadership is rising. This will come about because of the call this house has for the nations. “Ask of me and I will Give you the nations” says God. Just keep asking for the nations. God will bring them here and he will also send out. This will become not just a local church, but an apostolic center and an apostolic community. You will export more than you import.

This house will be known as a generous house. Your budget will increase. God is going to increase the store house here. This house will become a storehouse church with lots of resources. The more you give, the more God sends. You will not be able to out give God. The budget of this house will increase. This year’s budget will pale in comparison to what you are going to be doing in 2019. Keep stoking the prayer furnace, because prayer is going to be the engine that drives these mechanisms into fruition. It’s going to empower the leadership to hear and to execute. God’s declaring, “Now the days are coming when you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and execute the word of the Lord.” God says, “Battle stations get ready, this ship is going to sail and it’s going to sail, long, strong and fast in the days ahead.”

This year, 2018 is going to leave skid marks in this city. This is the year of shift. This is the year of rearranging. This is the year of remodeling. This is the year that God says, “I’m going to blast open the doors on this place. Harvest is coming. God is releasing a fresh anointing of unity over this house, and it will touch the whole body. Apostolic grace is being poured out on this house. Growth barriers will be broken. Breakthrough will come.



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